Free to Prosper Transformational Coaching offers people of all ages empowerment tools and processes to design and create a life they love living.

Through study and practice of the art and science of transformation, you will fast-track success in areas of life that mean the most to you.

Does Any Of This Speak To You?

Are you interested in tools to rebuild your life after a painful loss, calamity, empty nest, or retirement?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or burned out and ready for relief, calm, and clarity?

Are you feeling lost and not sure what you want to create for your life?

Are you doing well in life and still feel “There must be more than this?”

Are you young, and have your “whole life ahead of you” and the choices feel overwhelming?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, I can help.

I love partnering with people and helping them see a bigger picture of what their life can be.

It is hard to see the whole picture when you are in the frame. It can also be hard to see your own potential if you are not trained to look for it. Coaching is an empowering process that enables you to see and act from a new perspective.

“Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had a real positive influence in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living—if you do it well I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing you the way. A mentor.”

— Denzel Washington

Did you know that most successful people in the world, including athletes, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs, have a proven secret to success? The secret is that they know the power of having a mentor or coach and consistently work with one. One of the single most effective success-accelerators is coaching. A coach or mentor helps breathe life into your intentions.

When you work with a coach you are 10 times more likely to achieve something you’ve never done before. You will also create and sustain even greater results in the areas you are already experiencing success.

What I Can Do For You

As your coach, I will help you get out of your own way and learn to repattern self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck and kept you from creating even greater results.

Coaching with me provides a structure of support, accountability, and a partner in your corner cheering you on. I can help you see what only someone outside yourself can see. Most importantly, I will be the person who believes in you when it’s hard to believe in yourself because I know that what is within you is so much more than any circumstance or situation you may be experiencing.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Bit About Me


From a failed teen suicide attempt to living her dream life and then losing it all due to the common human condition of “living by default,” she discovered that she was more powerful than she knew. Choosing to move forward with no paved path, she took the steps she could to reinvent herself and her life. Suzanne knows the significance of active intention in designing and creating a life you love and she is a passionate advocate for empowering others through the study and practice of the transformational principles that have helped her.

Suzanne was mentored by Mary Morrissey and has integrated teachings from many other powerful thought leaders into her life and coaching. She utilizes many modalities for transformation that have helped her along her journey, including breath work, EFT (tapping), Energy Medicine, HeartMath, and creative affirmations in her coaching programs.

Suzanne is a Pacific Northwest native transplanted to Reno Nevada, she receives inspiration from being in nature, enjoys spending time with her 2 adult children, tending her flourishing houseplants, and any time spent in the presence of the beloved wild mustangs that roam the hills nearby. She has recently co-authored in the Short Sweet & Sacred book series.

Suzanne knows and believes ANYONE can create and live a life, free and prosperous in all areas.

What People Are Saying

Suzanne is a kind, compassionate, and insightful Coach! Every time I get off the phone with her, I feel sooo validated, supported, and uplifted! She shares her wisdom which inspires me and helps me to get unstuck and move forward! She is a wonderful listener and is heart centered! I have learned much from her and am so grateful for her!
- Denise F

My experience of the 12-week DreamBuilder coaching has really uplifted and expanded my life! Suzanne encouraged me to choose an area of focus and follow through. My dreams used to feel like they were 2 years away from me and now I’m living them every day. I learned new levels of skill with many of the metaphysical ideas I’ve encountered over the years.

Thank you, Suzanne.

- K R

Simple listening, checking for understanding, loving, thought-provoking, professional suggestions and guidance. My sessions with Suzanne always leave me with the desire to pause, question, focus, and continue to manifest my attainable vision. I believe in her professional expertise as she has become a mentor to me. True integrity must come from a place of not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk. Thank you Suzanne, I am clicking my heels, as I now know, the magic is in me.

- Jodee, Washington

After decades of success in my Professional Life, something in my life was still missing. I learned of Suzanne’s coaching using the Dream Builder Program, the name alone is telltale of what to expect. With Suzanne’s gentle intuitive guidance and using the tools I was able to manifest my dream home, which I thought would take years, in only months. Additionally, I have developed a joy and love in all areas of my life which include richer, deeper relationships and even new heights in my Sailboat racing. I would highly recommend this program to people of all ages!

- TCole

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