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I carve out some time during my weekly schedule to offer a few Vision-Discovery sessions. In this powerful session, we will deep dive into exactly what you really want in any area of your life, what may be holding you back, and what actions you can take toward attaining the results you desire.

Very often, following my trainings, there is a rush of people wanting to schedule this session with me.
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About Suzanne Haney Oldridge


Susan Sherayko

Free To Prosper was founded by Suzanne Haney Oldridge after years of struggle, trying to make life “work” because it seemed easier than making the change she knew deep inside it was time to make. After making the difficult choice and change, she continued to struggle with “what’s next” for a couple of years, going with the flow but without the passion and purpose she once had. After attending a 3-day workshop, many of the new thought and personal development ideas that she had been interested in came into shining clarity, taking the DreamBuilder program herself, she found its simplicity, structure, and impact on her life no less than transformative. And here it was, her new passion… Empowering others who feel unfulfilled, stuck, or scared to move forward, with simple tools and support, helping them discover their own passions and move right into lives that feel free and prosperous in every area. Suzanne studied Life Mastery at the Brave Thinking Institute and was certified as a Coach in September 2021. She is a heart and soul centered, constructive coach who loves partnering with clients, helping them to discover their own inner guidance and transform their lives, creating lives that they love living!

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